Saturday, August 10, 2013

It has sure been a while...

Such seems to be the cue for some foreboding music, but nope, it isn't. It's been a while, and such is a fact.
So, here's a recap of what has happened in my life since I last posted...
I had a nice four-day break of doing basically nothing. Which was so nice oh my goodness!
One day my mother and I went to the Cloisters, which is an extension of the Met, I believe. It's a museum dedicated to European medieval art. I think. I don't feel like fact checking at the moment.
Pretty, right? Those are from the gardens  in the Cloisters, which are actually called cloisters. Which is why the whole place is called the Cloisters. I'd recommend going, though it might be nice to go on a day when it isn't raining so you can actually take more time in the gardens.
It was raining when I went, which is why I said that.
After that break, I went to volleyball camp at NYU. I even stayed at the dorms. Which were really nice.
That's the view from the dorm I stayed in. It's really nice, right?
I also turned fifteen. Which is totally weird to think because my birthday just went and passed just like that. I didn't even really want anything! 
Just really some spending money for the trip I'm taking to Pairs and the south of France with school this year. And maybe some music. And concert tickets.
I really really really want to see Lorde in concert.I recommend    all of her music as she's a great human being and also a great musician.
Alas, I seem to have a dilemma! Firstly, she was just in the city earlier this week, but it was only for those eighteen and older! Such is the death of me, as that seems to happen with every musician that I like. (See: MS MR. Who were, coincidentally at the Lorde concert. Why couldn't I go?! Oh, that's right! I'm not eighteen! Boo!)
And then it seems like she's going to play Webster Hall but that seems to also have an eighteen or older rule.
(Curse you, Webster Hall! You're keeping me away from MS MR too!)
Anyway, for my birthday, my mother and I travelled down to the city (which is New York City, for the uninitiated) and walked down the High Line.
I have more pictures, but with leftover Christmas return money, I recently got a Lomography Diana Mini, so I used that and took analogue pictures. I've yet to develop the film.

I don't have anything more to say yet, though.
Hopefully I'll actually be back soon.

Saturday, July 20, 2013

Tess is a mess!

Okay, wow... It's been a while. I'll just give a quick update on what's been happening.
Working with little kids really takes energy, so, as I'm doing that in the morning, by the time I get back from FIT in the afternoon, I'm pooped.  So, I just watch some Netflix. (Currently, it's either The X Files or Portlandia, though recently I finished all of the Portlandia episodes that were on Netflix. Boo!)
Though I might be reading more often now, as I bought the rest of my school reading books. Though I had already finished Machiavelli's The Prince for AP Euro, I still have books to read for English class. It's mandatory to read Cormack McCarthy's The Road, and then off the list I chose Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World That Can't Stop Talking by Susan Cain. I started reading that, and so far it seems really good. Especially being that I am an introverted person myself, I think it'll be an interesting read.
Additionally, for my fun reading I picked up Slaughterhouse Five  by Kurt Vonnegut, so I'll see if I enjoy that one, too.
(I sure hope I do!)
That's all for now!
PS: I'm also blogging for FIT's pre-college programs over there.

Monday, July 8, 2013

did you know...?

That I am superbly inconsistent with everything? Well, it seems obvious now, no?
Anyway, today I started a new class at FIT, which is something like intro to menswear or something of the sort. It's a sewing class.
I sorta felt somewhat advanced when we practiced with the machines, after all, it was not my first sewing class. (I took some earlier this year at FIT, and also sewed prior to that.)
It was fun and entertaining, and I am definitely looking forward to tomorrow! (And i am also looking forward to learning how to make a nice, pretty collar!)
So after class, I went to TruMart, a fabric store just a little ways away from FIT. I needed some fabric (obviously), so I spent a bit of time there. And drum roll, please...

This is the fabric I chose! It's purple with fishes and it's perfectly cheesy and cool! It sorta gives off a beach vibe...I dunno, that's what I thought.
I don't have anything else to say at the moment, so I will bid adieu for now! 

Sunday, June 30, 2013

hey people

Hey! Guess what?
I got a pintrest, and I'm finding it really addicting. Really addicting.
Here it is!
That's all I've got for now!

Saturday, June 29, 2013

my life is sort of interesting (i promise!)

Evidently, I have not mentioned this prior to just now, but I've been frequenting FIT lately. For classes, of course. 
This spring I took an intro to sewing course, and even blogged for them over here. This past week, I took a workshop class that was fantastic and fun and totally amazing. (I'll be going back next month, for some menswear sewing classes.)
Anyways, after class yesterday, I took a trip to Mood Fabrics, which is always fun and exciting and awesome. I'm hoping to make some skater skirts with the fabric I bought. I absolutely love skater skirts- oh my goodnesss!
I'll keep you all posted!

Thursday, June 27, 2013

ooh look this is late

I took exactly one picture yesterday. Oopsies. My camera subsequently ran out of juice. (That means battery for the unenlightened.)
Anyways, I barely had time for pictures! We went all over the place, from Grand Central, our stating place, to 3rd Avenue and 9th Street, in NoHo, over by Cooper Union. Then we traveled to the West/Greenwich Village. (I found that funny because we were thinking about going to the Greenwich in Connecticut, but we decided not to. We went to Greenwich after all!) After that we went to SoHo, and then wandered our way back up to GCS.
Boy, did my feet hurt!
I can't even call it a proper shopping trip. We looked (see: we drooled) at some superbly expensive boutiques, but obviously didn't buy anything.
However, we did do some thrift shopping in a church basement. Totally cool. (I heart thrift shopping. Seriously- it is like my life!)
Also, we ate at Blossom*, at the one on 9th Avenue. I freaking love Blossom- oh ehm gee. We split a burrito, some garlic spinach, and mashed potatoes.
Those mashed potatoes are god. Seriously. They are delicious and wonderful and I want to eat them all day all the time. Everyone agreed. A++ Blossom. A++.
*Blossom is a fab, all-vegan restaurant with multiple NYC locations. Visiting every one is on my bucket list, just below achieving a one for my Bacon Number. (I can dream, right?)

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

going downtown

Well, going downstate, that is. Tomorrow a couple of my friends and I plan to hop on the train and head into the city tomorrow. (And by "the city", I, of course, mean New York City. I'm a suburbs gal.)
One of my friends, who is a city gal herself, is finally going to show us around and give us a different perspective and stuff.
It took long enough! Holey moley guacamole!
I'll keep the internet/world posted. It's time to get some rest if I'm to shop tomorrow!